Glider Rides

Introductory Scenic Flights

The Mile High Flight
Our best ride! This flight has everything. You'll be towed to 5,280 feet above airport, deep into the mountains west of Boulder, with a beautiful of the Continental Divide and its 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks. After soaring free near Gross Reservoir or Nugget Ridge, you may wish to have your pilot burn up extra altitude flying roller-coaster maneuvers, or let you handle the controls for a portion of the flight. An experience you'll remember forever! $245 for one passenger; $285 for two passengers riding together.  Maximum combined weight 300 pounds. (Flight lasts between 30 and 40 minutes depending on conditions.  May be extended to 1 hour, $330 for one, $415 for two.)

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Grob 103 over Sugarloaf

2-32 near the Flatirons

The Mountain Flight (to the Foothills)
One of our most popular flights begins with a tow to 3,500 feet above the airport. You'll typically release West of the airport at the foothills, near the Flatirons or Left Hand Canyon. After soaring briefly along the ridges, you'll silently glide all the way back across town and campus. $200 for one person; $245 for two passengers riding together.  Maximum combined weight 300 pounds. (Flight lasts 20 - 25 minutes depending on conditions.)

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The City Flight
A 2,000-foot tow above the airport puts you in a perfect position to enjoy views of downtown Boulder and the University of Colorado, with the Rocky Mountains in the background. $110 for one person; $135 for two passengers riding together.  Maximum combined weight 300 pounds. (Flight lasts about 10 - 15 minutes depending on conditions.)

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Campus to left, Pearl St. Mall ahead

Scenic Ride Constraints, Guidelines, and Hints
No flight training is required, just a brief pre-flight orientation on where and how to sit. The double ride in the SGS 2-32 works best for two small adults or an adult and child: Maximum combined weight of passengers is 300 pounds. and shoulder room is limited. Also, the passenger-cockpit control stick is removed for doubles, so that trial flying is not possible. The sailplane has neither heater or air conditioner and though outside air temperature may be up to 15 deg. F cooler at altitude, the Plexiglas canopy which blocks the relative wind also warms by greenhouse effect, so the feel is about the same as on the ground. Accordingly, dress for being outdoors in season. Photographs turn out well through the canopy - cameras and small camcorders are welcome (hold firmly for takeoff-landing-turbulence). Anyone susceptible to motion sickness will easily avoid discomfort by looking at distant vistas instead of nearby objects (e.g. viewfinders or cockpit).

2-32 completing a loop

Aerobatic Flight
Imagine being introduced to maneuvers familiar to fighter pilots and airshow performers! After towing to an altitude of 4,500 feet above the ground, your sensation of weight will range from floating to up to 3 times normal as your pilot demonstrates roller-coasters, wing-overs, and loops. We don't recommend this as a first flight, but if you're in good health and have no fear, you'll love it! We provide parachutes, as required by FAA regulations for all aerobatic flights. $300 for one person.  Not available as a Double (two passengers riding together). (Flight lasts about 20 minutes)

Not Available

[ Most of the ride images shown have been televised on the Channel 4 "Colorado Getaways" program ]

Introductory Lesson Package
The best way to find out what it's like to learn to fly! The package includes up to an hour's use of a Schweizer 2-33 training glider with a flight instructor, plus ground instruction spread over one to three flights. We'll even include a pilot logbook in which to keep a record of your training flights.  Cost $245.  Not available as a Double (two passengers flying together).  (Time spent at the gliderport about 2 hours)

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Five-Day Course
An intensive course of thirty flights, normally three each morning and three each afternoon for five consecutive days. Price is based on an average tow height of 2500 feet and average duration of 20 minutes. Includes up to 10 hours Schweizer 2-33 rental, 10 hours flight instruction, 10 hours ground instruction. Extra long or high performance flights may incur a surcharge. Frequently sufficient to take the average individual with no flying experience to the solo stage, or from solo to the practical test for license. Also, often sufficient preparation for an experienced airplane pilot to add a glider rating. $2850 per student.  Not available for two people flying together.

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Gift Certificates
All our rides can be purchased for your family and/or friends in the form of our convenient Gift Certificates. They are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can order Gift Certificates online and pay for them through PayPal or provide payment information by phone. We will send your Certificate and brochures by US mail. Overnight express is an extra charge. We can even send a proof JPEG image by email if you wish. Sorry, we do not accept Gift Certificates from national franchises like GASA.

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We are open 7 days a week, year-round, 9AM to 5PM, weather permitting. High winds (>30mph), low ceilings (<2,000' AGL), or extreme cold may be reason for us to cancel for your best pleasure, but sailplane flying is fairly tolerant of weather. We recommend calling a week ahead to schedule your flight but if you can't wait, give us a call. We'll do our best to get you flying as soon as possible. Prepayment will best hold the reservation. Morning is usually best for all rides in all seasons.

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